Site-specific work


Created in collaboration with Rudra Veena player Murali Mohan Gowda, this piece looked at how certain traditional forms of music and dance have adapted to changing times. Once performed in temples and in courts, both traditional dance have come a long way and by performing at a metro station we explore what negotiations both the art and the artists undergo. This piece was part of a performance trail Cubbon Park and Cubbon Park Metro Station, Bangalore and was curated by Suresh Kumar. The performance is part of Art in Transit-Festival of Stories, a public art initiative by the students of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in collaboration with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd

Impromtu performance at NGMA - 2016

The certificate course in Contemporary Art Practices at St Joseph's College culminated with an impromptu site specific performance at the National Gallery of Modern Art Bangalore. The students and the teachers danced to reiterate their right to freedom of movement and space disregarding the whistles blows of the security guards and protesting through stillness and silence.


In-fringe is an interactive performance that explores the idea of acculturation and cultural imperialism from a personal perspective. It looks at how the idea of 'India' and 'Indian-ess' has travelled, interacted, invaded and been assimilated into other cultures. Presented at the STOCKHOLM FRINGE FESTIVAL 2012 this performance was a prelude to the AVATARA project. This has been conceived and performed by artist Veena Basavarajaiah.

H2 zero- 2011

A movement installation devised by Veena Basavarajaiah and Deepak Shivaswamy on the 7th of August 2011 under the National gallery of movement art (NGMA) initiative 'Carte Blanche' – The grounds of NGMA, Bangalore for temporal art interventions. This work was also showcased at 'The collection - UB city ' on the 15th of August 2011. H2 zero is a movement installation with strong visuals that portray the political, social, economic and physiological identity of water. Bodies interacting with the architectural structure of a space along with the use of empty water/beverage bottles and umbrellas create images that are a strong evidence of the present situation of the abundance, inadequacy, abuse and absence of water.


In Bondage & Beyond, Veena Basavarajaiah does not use the movement vocabulary of Bharatanatyam she does not issue a commentary on issues and themes, but rather, wrestles with the form itself. In doing so, she creates a Bharatanatyam recital that is rooted in the form, but at the same time, embodies the experience she has gathered of numerous other movement vocabularies.


Exploring the concept of ‘mother’ and ‘child’ and how these terms have larger meanings – like ‘mother’ could mean the origin or primary source of stimulus for something, and the ‘child’ is that something that is stimulated by interaction with this source. The dancers work with kids between the ages of three and six, where they use instinctual movements and help kids to understand rhythmic movement, balance, body awareness and co-operation.

The performance, at Shanthi Gallery, Bangalore on February 1, 2009 a performance by 13 children where they are given a free hand to play with colours and use the space to express themselves with movement, as they like it, without being bound by choreographed moves.


A site-specific project named 'ESCALATOR CLAUSE' ,the soulless treadmill of urban existence is designed to be performed on a moving escalator. This piece deals with the issues of competition, challenges, uncertainties, insecurities that a conventional job bestows upon an individual. This piece deals with the irony of growth and development in the modern world that thrives on the escalator of the economy. The piece was executed by talented dancers from Nritarutya Collective (Bangalore) namely B.G.Sathyanarayana a multi-faceted dancer and Umesh Naidu a trained martial artist who have performed across the globe as part of the company for more than 8 years. This site -specific work is in collaboration with Bangalore based dance company Nritarutya was presented as part of Attakkalari Biennale Festival 2009