In Metamorphic, the dazzlingly quick-change British Asian dancer Subhash collaborates with Indian choreographer Veena Basavarajaiah to create a seriously playful work exploring the multiple identities of a modern man. Global access to travel and rampant technological advances have redefined ideas of home, belonging and an individual’s place in the wider, multicultural world. While that world is now handily brought close via many and various gadgets, we also travel through it with a cocoon of roots and tradition woven round us. But, in doing so, we’re endlessly juggling our identities by constantly switching languages, gestures, mannerisms, tastes and preferences to fit changing social and political contexts. This is the meat of Metamorphic, a tightly-wound, jam-packed solo performance by dancer Subhash that looks at how we embrace or abandon, adopt or adapt ideologies of nationalism, religion and culture to weave images of ourselves. Brian Seibert from New York Times described him as an “uncommon shape-shifter”. Read the full review.

Earlier titled Morphed, the piece was presented at the Erasing Borders Indoor Festival held at the Michael Schimell Center for the Arts, NYC in September 2015.

Performance: Subhash Viman Gorania

Choreography: Subhash and Veena Basavarajaiah

Lighting: Andy Hamer

Music: Niraj Chag and Raghu Dixit

Costume: Thomas Petraccaro

Kathak Vocab: Urja Desai Thakore

Dramaturgy: Donald Hutera and Ginnie Wollaston

Producer: Phizzical