Maya & Sita - National tour

Maya & Sita


Beyond the illusion of time and perception.A piece performed and choreographed by Veena Basavarajaiah created at the Gati Residency, New Delhi, August 2009Can you go back in time? Is there time? What is the point of reference? Are we ageing? Have you experienced stillness? perception of the world is limited to the things that we cantouch, taste, smell and see,Can we look beyond the sphere of perception ? Experience beyond light? The dormant eye of the mind - the only vision capable of giving the whole picture, able to see things and make connections that the inferior senses couldn't even comprehend, lays low in a state of unused perceived extinction.. 'Maya' piece explores the concept of the illusion of perception and Mechanical time.Music-Suchet Malhotra, Concept & Research- Suhas Kaundinya


One who is Dashrathas' daughter-in-law, and the dear wife of raama,

who is also the daughter of Janaka , I welcome thee, the chaste one!

( Ramayana essentially a literary work on Indian politics and society portrays Sita as the archetype of an Indian Woman being the perfect daughter and an ideal wife.. )

This piece takes you on an emotional journey of the Ramayana from a womans' perspective. A movement monolugue that gives you an insight into her mind , body and soul. A contemporary movement performance exploring the abhinaya aspects of Bharatnatyam is set to the original verses of Valmiki Ramayana.The movement vocabulary of Sita– followed the [histrionic] tenet of bharatanatyam ' yatho hastha , thatho drishti..' which demands of the performer that ‘where the hand goes, the eye follows’.

Research- Dr Sharada Narayan( Sanskrit Scholar)

Choreography & Music -Veena Basavarajaiah

Vocals- Harshitha Bhat & Sathyanarayan Bhat

Reviews & previews

Maya & Sita double-bill - National tour

August 2009 -All warmed up - GSDR -India habitat Centre

August 22nd, 2009- NPTCL- Noida- Delhi

November 2009- Sammilan Festival , Bangalore

July 10th 2010 - KH kalasoudha, Bangalore.

August 8th-2010 - Adi shakthi , Pondicherry

September 24th 2010-Interface Festival- Kolkatha

November 10th -14th 2010- Ignite Festival- Delhi

January 2011- Rangsutra Festival- Hyderabad

February- 2011- Kalaghoda Festival- Mumbai

Special Thanks to Yana Lewis(YLDC), Ranjan Mullaratt ( Kalari Academy) , Preethi Sunderajan ( Shiri Dance company), Gati Forum, Nritarutya, Natakvalas

Suhas Kaundinya ,Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Joshua Muyiwa, Deepak Shivaswamy, Akshay Gandhi & Shreekanth Rao