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This was one of my first experiments of looking at the hand gesture ' Alapadma' which means a 'lotus in bloom' in sanskrit beyond its literal meaning or the usage within the codified form. This gesture is also used purely to ornate a pure movement defining lines, direction and also the texture of the 'adavu' or basic step. This experiment looks at how , when a gesture is broken down into many tiny little movements it loses its cultural association and a completely different function and dimension emerges.

This is a short excerpt of an improvisation with 'Gestures while doing nothing' as the motif. It was interesting to observe that the body is expected to behave and be in certain way when it is not in use or not sleeping. If the hand is not used in a movement or choreography there are codified ways of placing it that are aesthetically pleasing . A play of these of these movements .

Shapes and patterns

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