Veena is a contemporary artiste from Bengaluru (India). She has worked with renowned contemporary dance companies such as Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company(UK) & Attakkalari (India) and has performed on various platforms across UK and Europe. She has been the recipient of Young Achievers Award in 2007 and is also an empanelled artiste of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.An independent artiste, she does collaborative work with musicians, theatre, dance companies and multimedia artistes.She has done her Masters in South Asian Dance Studies from Roehampton University (UK) . She is also a dance writer for various online platforms and her essays on South Asian Dance have been published in various books.


Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts-Dancer & Educationist- 2002-04Worked as a member of Education Outreach Programme(EOP) with an objective of incorporating dance into mainstream education. The tasks of the programme included conducting workshops for NGO's, designing movement syllabus for schools, performance based projects and working with school teachers to imbibe movement based teaching techniques within conventional educational setups. Work experience included engaging with children and young adults in both rural and urban areas and also long-term interactions with underprivileged and street children in India. As part of the outreach programme we were also required to contact corporations and funding agencies to help the organizations support the cause.Shobana Jeyasingh dance Company (UK) –Company dancer 2004-05 & 2012

Worked as dancer/performer on the company’s national tour in 2004-2005. In 2012, workedon an education project with the company with a group of students from Mulberry School, which is an all muslim-girl school in Whitechapel. The job was to work with them and create a short piece of work that would be showcased at the Royal Opera House as a prelude to the company's performance. The assignment was to explore the creativity of these girls and introduce them to the world of professional dance. This particular project was also the case- study of my ethnographic fieldwork essay that was part of my MA course. The whole experience had to be documented, theorized and contextualized within a larger realm of South Asian Dance in the Diaspora. Worked as part of the education team of the company conducting workshops for GCSE in schools across the UK.

Angika Dance Company (UK) - Company Dancer 2006-08

Worked as a creative collaborator and education facilitator with the company on various projects for more than 2 years. As part of the contract along with performance and touring, the dancers were to conduct workshops in different schools and universities. Through the company I have conducted workshops on Indian dance and aesthetics in schools across UK and Europe. The company worked with children of various economic backgrounds and different abilities.

Sadhana Dance Company (UK) 2011-12

Working as a creative collaborator and performer for project Elixir. A choreographic project that was in collaboration with multi-media artists and sculptor. The genre of work was Contemporary South Asian with collaborative inputs from UK based artists. Conducting workshops in schools across the UK was part of the project.

The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet 2007-09 & 2013

In 2009, was part of a project with the company that aimed at reaching out to around 1000 underprivileged children to give them an opportunity of experiencing a ballet performance. The job required me to raise funds single-handedly to enable these children to have an experience of watching a ballet performance and engage with the company through performances and education. My work with the foundation is also that of a researcher documenting different pedagogical tools that the foundation employs to work with dancers in India. Worked a program manager at the Lewis Foundation curating a dance festival titled Platform One that aimed at providing research, resources and performance avenues for choreographers in Bangalore.



Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts - Dance facilitator -Education Outreach Program 2003-2005

The Lewis Foundation for Classical Ballet - Education facilitator - 2010-11

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (UK) - Education facilitator in 2005 and 2011 University of East London (UK) - Visiting lecturer - 2011-12

Independent Education Work - With more than ten years of experience of teaching individuals across urban and rural India, conducting teacher-training workshops, creative workshop for multinational corporations, teaching in institutional set-ups across Europe and also working short-term with internally displaced and war affected individuals in Sri Lanka. I have worked across the globe towards incorporating art into mainstream education and as an integral part of the modern society.


Pact Zollverin-International Contemporary Dance festival- Germany-2004 Indian Biennial- Bonn- Germany-2006

Frankfurt Book festival- Germany- 2006

Sziget Dance festival- Budapest- Hungary- 2007

CCBE- Performance- Antwerp- Belgium-2007

Lille festival- France 2007

Oldenburg Arts Festival- Germany- 2007

The Polyzentral Festival- Hamburg- Germany- 2007 Sammilan-2007

International Women’s Festival- Uk-2007

Zaragosa Expo- Spain- 2008

L’oridente L’occident festival- Italy- 2008

Prayog-3-Nritarutya Dance Company- 2008

Swiss Textile College- Switzerland-2009

Attakkalari Bangalore Biennale- 2009

Sammilan –International Contemporary Arts Festival-Nov-20

National School of Drama Theatre Festival - Jan-2010 Interface- Kolkata- Sep- 2010

09 The Park New Festival- Chennai - dec 2009


August 2009 -All warmed up – Gati Summer Dance Residency - Delhi August, 2009- NPTCL- Noida- Delhi

November 2009- Sammilan Festival , Bangalore

July, 2010 - KH Kalasoudha, Bangalore.

August, 2010 - Adi Shakthi , Pondicherry

September, 2010-Interface Festival- Kolkata

November 2010- Ignite Festival- Delhi

January- 2011 - Rangsutra Festival- Hyderabad February-2011- Kalaghoda Festival- Mumbai

August -2011- National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore August -2012- Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

April- 2012 - The Hat Factory, Luton, UK

August- 2012- Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden