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Site-specific work

H2 zero

H2 zero is a movement installation  devised by Veena Basavarajaiah and Deepak Shivaswamy on the 7th of August 2011 under the National gallery of movement art (NGMA) initiative 'Carte Blanche' – The grounds of NGMA, Bangalore for temporal art interventions. This work was also showcased at 'The collection - UB city ' on the 15th of August 2011.

H2 zero is a movement installation with strong visuals that portray the political, social ,economical and physiological identity of water. Bodies interacting with the architectural structure of a space along with the use of empty water/beverage bottles and umbrellas create images that are a strong 

evidence of the present situation of the abundance,inadequacy, abuse and absence of water.

devised by
Deepak. K. Shivaswamy & Veena Basavarajaiah
in collaboration with Bangalore based artists - Akhshay Gandhi, Jahnavi Kamath, Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Nayana. K. Bhat, Purnima . A. Kumar & Vinay Kumar

Collaborating photographers - Gomzy & Kay Kay (PHOTO CREDIT)

H2zero . A movement installation

H2zero at the National Gallery of Modern Art

Bondage & beyond

A solo inspired by works of France based visual artist Nicole Dufour
In her current work  Veena treats her body as a bondage in itself  and also her only tool to transcend beyond it. She plays with the idea of treating her body as a mere puppet subjecting herself to multiple factors to explore a contemporary body that is a result of all her  experiences and discover a body that exists beyond the form, technique and physicality. An dancer transcending body, an 'I' without a form. The performance is designed was performed  in an intimate gallery space with an exhibition of illustrations by herself that translate her journey adding another layer to the performance.

Bondage & Beyond in Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

Illustrations by Veena Basavarajaiah. Series- Bondage & beyond


Kanda’ is primarily about the concept of ‘mother’ and ‘child’ and how these terms have larger meanings – like ‘mother’ could mean the origin or primary source of stimulus for something, and the ‘child’ is that something that is stimulated by interaction with this source

The inspiration behind their work was in the classes that Basavarajaiah and Mirra run for kids between the ages of three and six, where they use instinctual movements and help kids to understand rhythmic movement, balance, body awareness and co-operation. 

The performance, at Shanthi Gallery, Bangalore on February 1, 2009 a performance by 13 children where they are  given a free hand to play with colours and use the space to express themselves with movement, as they like it, without being bound by choreographed moves.

Kanda- an interactive performance with children aged between 3 to 6 years of age